MUSE Project Acronyms and Abbreviations The following table is intended to help you find your way around the MUSE project:

Acronym meaning remarks

AI Action Item
ADC Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector
AIT Assembly, Integration and Testing
AIP Astrophys. Institute Potsdam
AO Adaptive Optics
AOT ESO Adaptive Optics Team consortium partner
ATH Auxiliary Telescope Hall
BFD Back Focal Distance
CAN Controller Area Network
CCD Charge Coupled Devices
CDR Conceptual Design Review
CFC Continuous Flow Cryostat
CGR Critical Gate Review validation of the complete design before manufacture
CRAL Centre Recherche Astron. de Lyon
CLG Calibration Light Guides
CLS Calibration Light Sources
CU Calibration Unit
CUE Calibration Unit Electronics
CTE Coeffcient of Thermal Expansion
DoF Degrees Of Freedom
DV Detector Vessel
ECU Electronic Control Unit
EE Ensquared Energy
ETH Eidgen. Tech. Hochschule Zurich
ESO European Southern Observatory
FDR Final Design Review
FLW Field Lens Window
FMA Focusing Mirror Array
FO Fore Optics
FOV Field of View
FS Field Splitter
FSep Field Separator
GALACSI (MUSE adaptive optics system)
IAG Institute for Astrophysics G”ttingen
ICD Interface Control Document
ICE Instrument Control Electronics
ICH Instrument Control HardwareS
ICS Instrument Control Software
IDA Image Dissector Array
IDS Instrument Detector System
I/F Interface
IFU Integral Field Unit
IQ Image Quality
IMS Instrument Main Structure
ISS Image Slicer Subsystem
ISSTAT ISS Tests and Alignment Tool
LAOMP Laboratoire d’Astrophysique Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées
LAN Local Area Network
LATTP Lab.d’Astrophys,Obs.Midi-Pyrenees
LCU Local Control Unit
LN2 Liquid nitrogen
MAIT Manufact., Assembly, Integrat. Testing
MIA Manufacturing Item Acceptance
MUSE Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer
NA Not Applicable
NAR Nasmyth Adapter/Rotator
NFM Narrow Field Mode
NGC Next Generation Controller
NP Nasmyth Platform
NTCCD Next Generation Technology CCD
ODT ESO Optical Detector Team consortium partner
PAC Preliminary Acceptance Chile
PAE Preliminary Acceptance Europe
PBS Product Breakdown Structure
PDR Preliminary Design Review
PGR Preliminary Gate Review Validation of feasibility and performance (similar to PDR)
PM Progress Meeting
PSF Point Spread Function
PSM Pupil Slit Mask
RD Reference Document
SCP Service Connection Points
SPS Spectrograph System
SGR Specification Gate Review Validation of input data. First global design and analysis
SRO Splitting and Relay Optics
S/S Sub System
TBC To Be Confirmed
TBD To Be Defined/Determined
UT Unit Telescope
VLT Very Large Telescope
VCS Vacuum Cryogeny System
VPHG Volume Phase Holographic Grat.
WFM Wide Field Mode
wrt With respect to

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