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  • Preliminary Design Review

    Roland BACON

    July 17th, the MUSE project has successfully passed its preliminary design review. The goal of such a review is to demonstrate the faisibility of the project and to freeze the instrument design. ESO has nominated a comittee of 14 experts to study the 1217 pages of technical documentation which have been released by the consortium. These documentation cover all project aspects, i.e optics, mechanics, electronics, cryogeny, system, software, management, quality assurance. The consortium provide written answers to the 434 questions issued by the comittee. Major points were then discussed in the July 17th face-to-face meeting which has been held at ESO headquaters (Munich, Germany). No showstoppers were found and ESO has now given green light to the consortium for proceeding to the detailed design phase. The final design review is expected for the end of 2008.