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  • PostDoc (astronomical data reduction software) in Potsdam, Germany

    PostDoc (astronomical data reduction software) in Potsdam, Germany

    The Astrophysical Institute Potsdam (AIP) is offering a postdoctoral position to work on the data reduction software of a next generation astronomical instrument, MUSE. The MUSE project is one of the largest current instrumentation efforts in Europe, run by a European consortium with significant contributions from the AIP. The instrument is expected to be completed and installed on the Very Large Telescope in Chile in 2012.

    Data is recorded by the instrument using 24 CCDs and has to undergo heavy processing to be scientifically usable. The software to do this transformation will be written in C on Unix platforms. Solid knowledge of this programming language and a strong background in physics, astronomy, mathematics, or computer science are therefore required.

    For full details, please see http://www.aip.de/jobs.html or http://www.aip.de/news/jobs/ and select weilbacher_2008.html